NextGeneration Enterprises Relaunches as NextGenimation, Braveworld’s Purpose-Built Animation Production Division

(BOCA RATON, Fla., July 2, 2018) Braveworld announced today that its NextGeneration Enterprises division has been relaunched as NextGenimation. Its sole purpose is to produce and oversee Braveworld’s animated projects, although the intellectual properties themselves will remain credited exclusively to Braveworld in trademark/copyright disclaimers.

The relaunch announced today will refocus the division specifically to animated projects which have comprised the majority of productions assigned to it in recent years, and will also differentiate the organization from other entities which use the names “NextGeneration” or “NextGen” in one form or another.

“This is not just a name change, this is a complete rethinking of the division,” said Matt de Rojas, founder and CEO of Braveworld. “By revamping NextGenimation’s purpose strictly to animated productions, it will ensure greater focus and higher quality on those productions and help fulfill Braveworld’s mission to provide experiences that truly inspire audiences through the power of top-notch entertainment.”

NextGenimation has its roots in NextG Entertainment, best known for its YouTube channel originally established in 2006 (and for which Braveworld Television now produces the web series IN MY WORDS: THE VOICES OF AUTISM). NextGeneration Enterprises was split off from NextG in 2009 and under its auspices, development of productions including KT CANNON™ and THE MYSTERIOUS MATT JOHNSON™ was started.

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