November 8, 2019

Visualizing the Future of Video

Part of Braveworld’s vision to provide audiences worldwide with quality, compelling entertainment is to ensure that such entertainment is widely available on a multitude of platforms and media. This is where Visualock Home Entertainment and the white-label Braveworld Home Video brand come in. Through self-distribution efforts as well as partnerships with other companies, VHE and […]

Say Hello to NextGenimation!

NextGeneration Enterprises Relaunches as NextGenimation, Braveworld’s Purpose-Built Animation Production Division (BOCA RATON, Fla., July 2, 2018) Braveworld announced today that its NextGeneration Enterprises division has been relaunched as NextGenimation. Its sole purpose is to produce and oversee Braveworld’s animated projects, although the intellectual properties themselves will remain credited exclusively to Braveworld in trademark/copyright disclaimers. The […]


It’s Time To Be Brave

Welcome to the first-ever edition of the Be Brave Blog! This will be the place where your humble founder—and sometimes, my closest allies and business confidants—will sound off and discuss what’s going on in the world of Braveworld, and sometimes even the world in general. In a few days from now, the film industry’s supposedly […]


Storm Angels

STORM ANGELS is a film written and directed by Michael Precourt; co-produced and assistant directed by Matt de Rojas. The film follows a group of frightened and isolated strangers who take refuge in a diner on a dark and extremely stormy night. While there, their personalities and beliefs clash with each other, but they soon […]


Tears of Joi

AWARD WINNER: Pia Vicioso-Vila, Best Actress in a Short Film, 2018 Miami Beach Film Festival OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: 2017 Miami Independent Film Festival, 2017 Filmed in Broward Festival, Film Carpet XI, 2018 Miami Beach Film Festival WORLD TELEVISION PREMIERE: Screened locally on South Florida PBS (WPBT/WXEL) as part of the FILM-MAKER project TEARS OF JOI is […]


Be Brave.

Cameo Entertainment Group Relaunches as Braveworld With New Philosophy For Empowering and Inspiring Audiences Through Motion Pictures, Television, Web Content, and More (BOCA RATON, Fla., January 1, 2016) – Cameo Entertainment Group announced today that it will rebrand and relaunch as Braveworld, effective immediately. The new name reflects Braveworld’s mission to provide audiences worldwide with […]


KT Cannon

KT CANNON™ is Braveworld’s flagship project, and a truly ambitious multimedia venture. It follows an ordinary man who realizes, through strange voices in his head, that he must prevent the implementation of a totalitarian, one-world regime led by a radical billionaire activist named Maxen Meyer™. As if that wasn’t enough, Maxen has a personal vendetta […]