Cameo Entertainment Group Relaunches as Braveworld With New Philosophy For Empowering and Inspiring Audiences Through Motion Pictures, Television, Web Content, and More

(BOCA RATON, Fla., January 1, 2016) – Cameo Entertainment Group announced today that it will rebrand and relaunch as Braveworld, effective immediately. The new name reflects Braveworld’s mission to provide audiences worldwide with independent entertainment that is not just entertaining, but also inspiring, riveting, empowering, and cutting-edge. Additionally, this name change was also made in order to differentiate CEG from unrelated, previously-established entities who are also using the Cameo name, which has led to confusion in the past among some audiences, especially on social media.

“Braveworld marks a new era for our studio,” said Matt de Rojas, founder and CEO. “As we grow in our efforts to produce, acquire, and distribute all kinds of motion picture, television, and short-form content, we needed to rebrand ourselves to reflect this new, forward-thinking vision. The new name represents a new goal for us: to be brave in a world that isn’t.”

Just as its predecessor, Braveworld believes in using the reach of motion pictures, television, and the Internet to bring the best content from the filmmakers of tomorrow to a wider audiences—but not only that, the company believes in using that reach to help audiences lead better lives and live them to the fullest, and also to showcase the dignity of humanity, the power of faith, the strength in courage, and the influence of one’s character; and constantly seeks fresh, new ideas to attain these goals.

Braveworld was originally established as Cameo Films in 2005, becoming Cameo Entertainment Group in 2009. It released its first short film, Matt de Rojas’s VIRTUAL TEMPTATION, in 2012, and other projects currently in development include several short-length and feature-length productions as well as the KT CANNON multimedia franchise (more information available at

About Braveworld Entertainment
Braveworld is an independent multimedia studio specializing in entertainment for film, television, and the Internet. Braveworld’s mission is to acquire, develop, and produce or co-produce a wide variety of independent productions, as well as to distribute the best content from the filmmakers of tomorrow to a wider audience. The company strives not only to entertain audiences worldwide, but also to truly inspire them to lead better lives. For more information about Braveworld, please visit