KT CANNON™ is Braveworld’s flagship project, and a truly ambitious multimedia venture. It follows an ordinary man who realizes, through strange voices in his head, that he must prevent the implementation of a totalitarian, one-world regime led by a radical billionaire activist named Maxen Meyer™. As if that wasn’t enough, Maxen has a personal vendetta against KT, and assassinated his adoptive parents before he was even old enough to know them. As reluctant a hero as KT might be, he still pledges to stop this discreet seizure of power once and for all, no matter what it takes and no matter where it takes them. He, along with his closest friends like the spunky Lauren Lockhart™ and the mysterious, electrically-charged Blade Ross™, plus many other allies, will encounter new challenges, overcome incredible odds, and meet people of all backgrounds and motives throughout their journeys.

But KT CANNON™ is more than just an epic action-adventure tale. It is a series that falls into many genres: there will also be comedy relief and dramatic emotion; periods of hope and of struggle; slower moments where our heroes can catch their breath and deal with life outside of the mission; and even the occasional dash of metafiction, all tied together by a wide-ranging soundtrack featuring spectacular original songs and a sweeping musical score. KTC has a goal of captivating audiences through invigorating storylines and memorable characters, without being preachy or overtly political. Its characters will come to realize the same things we should: life is about making the most of every day; giving back, especially to those who need it most; standing up for what they know is right; and believing in the mission and in their calling in life.

To learn more about KT CANNON™, please visit the series’ official website at KTcannon.com.