AWARD WINNER: Pia Vicioso-Vila, Best Actress in a Short Film, 2018 Miami Beach Film Festival
OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: 2017 Miami Independent Film Festival, 2017 Filmed in Broward Festival, Film Carpet XI, 2018 Miami Beach Film Festival
WORLD TELEVISION PREMIERE: Screened locally on South Florida PBS (WPBT/WXEL) as part of the FILM-MAKER project

TEARS OF JOI is a 20-minute narrative short and thesis film written and directed by Yarnel Nicolas, co-writer and producer of Braveworld’s first film VIRTUAL TEMPTATION. Successfully funded on Indiegogo, the film is a co-production of Nicolas’ production company, Yard Lion Films, and Braveworld.

The story is about Joi, a coffeehouse barista who happens to moonlight as a street mime. She deals with the ups and downs of working and having to deal with her internal struggle as she copes with the loss of her late grandfather, who was a clown. Yarnel Nicolas takes his fascination with the art of mime and translates it into a character study, a story that sees the person beyond the makeup and costume, and focuses on her goals of performing at a local talent competition and, above all, following her dream. In short: human first, mime second.

TEARS OF JOI stars Pia Vicioso-Vila in the title role, along with Wendi Librach, Katie Frederickson, Jeffrey Creightney, J.J. Crowne, and Zoe Wiesner.

For further information about the film see the official website and Facebook page.

(Photo credit: Nunzio Ruggiero)