What’s one more movie review blog out there?

For the past six years, as part of my never-ending quest to entertain and inspire, I have written reviews of literally dozens of movies that I have seen in one way or another, whether it be in theaters, on television, or on home video (and, early on, as class assignments) on Facebook.

It has become clear to me in recent years, however, that Facebook is on a serious decline. And as there is not, as of yet, an alternative platform or service suitable enough to replace it even with the advent of a new year, I have decided instead to move all future movie reviews to a subsection of my current domain name. (All previous reviews will remain on Facebook, and I hope to reproduce them here before too long, even though there are many hundreds of them to transfer over.)

The content of the reviews will be exactly the same as they were on Facebook. Only the platform on which they will reside has changed.

Until next time, #BeBrave…