About a Boy (2002)

Now, an impromptu watch on The Movie Channel this past weekend. Based on the eponymous novel by Nick Hornby, this British comedy-drama follows Will Freeman (Hugh Grant), a slacker who lives a luxurious life as the heir to the royalties from a popular Christmas song, who makes up the existence of his own child in order to date single moms with the intent of ultimately dumping them when it comes time to a full-fledged commitment. He ultimately comes across Fiona Brewer (Toni Collette), one such single mom whose teenage son Marcus (Nicholas Hoult) doesn’t fit in at school—not even with the self-professed “weird kids”—and who ultimately befriends Will, naturally causing a new set of conflicts to occur.

Buoyed by an Oscar®-nominated screenplay and rounded out by an honest but no less feel-good ending, Grant’s impeccable performance as the underachieving Will and his chemistry with the supporting cast alone make this worth a watch, but it’s the voiceover narration of both Grant and Hoult—sometimes alternating within the same scene in hilarious interplay—that are a particularly unique touch. I really liked this one and I was pleased to come across it.